Digital marketing voucher

Operation name

Digital marketing voucher – establishment of a new website, online shop and reservation platform.

Description of the operation

Establishment of a new website, online shop and reservation platform for the company DPG, promocija dogodkov d.o.o.

Purpose of the operation

The company DPG d.o.o. deals with the promotion and integration of tourist offers and events, with the distribution of promotional publications and publishing. We issue free tourist maps and Enjoy Ljubljana guides, but we are only present online on social networks. Digital marketing activities will enable us to comprehensively present the tourist offer and events on our own website, and enable our customers to book and purchase accommodation, experiences, excursions and souvenirs. In this way, we will increase our visibility, acquire new customers and users more easily, address them more efficiently and present them with a comprehensive offer. Digitalization will also increase sales.

Objectives and results of the operation

Digital marketing will enable us to acquire new target customers and users more easily and quickly, address them more effectively and better present the entire offer to them. Through the website, online shop and our own reservation platform, we will be able to offer everything in one place to our customers and users, and adjust the offer according to their preferences. The website will enable a comprehensive overview of all offers and events, the online shop will allow us to sell services and products easier and faster, and our own reservation platform will save time and administration and offer additional added value. Customers and users will be able to get everything they need in one place. In this way, we will become more recognizable and competitive. Through these activities, we will also increase the value of our brand.

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The investment (website, online shop and booking platform) is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.